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Noragami – Season 1
Stray God

When 16 year old Hiyori Ike selflessly (or stupidly?) throws herself infront of a bus to push a young man in a track suit out of the way, she finds her life changed in a way she could never imagine. Meet Yato, a minor deity who is a self-proclaimed ‘Delivery God’. As the two’s paths have now crossed, Hiyori is now able to percieve the ‘Far Shore’ beings, both good and bad. 

So, with that, let’s get into it!

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Overall Score 84%

What an interesting concept this series follows. I really enjoy any story that incorporates deities, or the supernatural existing within the ‘real’ world that we know (kind of like muggles vs the wizarding world). There’s just something extremely alluring about it.  

I want to put out there how extremely worried I get everytime that Hiyori leaves her body unattended in some strange place. Her narcolepsy episodes tend to happen in the most inconvenient places, but when she’s in public areas and her friend’s aren’t around? Man, that makes me freak out. It’s just extremely lucky that her family owns a hospital and are in the medical field…

The flow of this was fantastic. I like the pace that the characters were introduced – the moment in episode XX where Yato notices Yukine… I think this part was done so well. He knows how 










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